what is not a Forest?

What is not a Forest? Life has existed in our planet for many years, many more years than Humans have lived on this Planet. Surprisingly, Humans are the only species to have apparently dominated resources to prevent competition from other species in a manner Humans have dubbed Technology. The competition and domination of the natural resources are what characterize Human conduct, now, in an arid and apparently absolute manner have isolated Humans from other species and have separated Humans with the barren, moist, dry temperate, deserts that were once forests. Not, so; Humans depend on species and an environment that although in our metropolitan biosphere has become less evident, technological development has attached completely the way Humans deal with their environment, simply because the resources in this planet are limited.

The Flora of bacterium and fungi in the body, the Flora of the Forests, the Percentage of Oxygen in Air… are but a few examples how Humans are dependent on other species to survive, and it will be Human to dominate all natural resources. The natural Human instinct of exploration toward domination has uncovered the complexity of the Human Genome, has populated Space, has explored the core of our Planet and our Mind, and in many ways this imperative will continue to amaze Humanity and grant the gift of understanding towards a better Human experience i.e. quality of life. It is only through understanding of Natural Principles that Humans have developed Technology to prolong and improve the quality of life. Aqueducts, Fermentation, Farming, Aviation, Fission, Sterilization, Conduction, Computation, Vaccines, Clothing, Shelter… all related to how humans have thrived within their changing Environment. All these developments are tools that are put in the hands of Humans and not always Humans have put these tools for the improvement of the quality of life. Humans have reduced natural resources in ways that have created social conflicts for competition and have also compromised the replenishing and recycling mechanisms of parts of the Planet through misuse, exploitation by technology. It is clear, good use of technology will improve all Human Life when the use has balanced the consequences of short and long term impact.

Our Task is to simply Evaluate technology toward improving the quality of life. The present average life span of a Human in a developed country is nearly 80 years, new generations arise on average every 20 years, elected officials run for office every 4 or 5 years, all seasonal changes take 1 year, Human gestation 9 months, the Lunar cycle 28 days, and a complete day is 24 hours... a smile may last minutes; for the simplest motive, in the most brief infinitesimal period, Humans have the ability to gaze and though briefly contemplate on the complexity of the system we call Home. Think about it, almost every action is mediated by technology, even emotional impulses are mediated by the present use of technology. Here at the Synthetic Forest, we have created that place for you to think, act and enjoy.

This is your Hub of Technology and Science, Commerce and Culture towards better development of technology within our Planet home.

Take a walk through the Synthetic Forest! Future Apps will help engage your curiosity towards those distant neighbors and their daily cultural practices, even get recipes of the foods they eat and trade goods.

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