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(TENT) T:R:E:N:D:S :: AND:: E:N:T:E:R:T:A:I:N:M:E:N:T:

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(TENT) T:R:E:N:D:S :: AND:: E:N:T:E:R:T:A:I:N:M:E:N:T:

forêt synthétique синтетический лес



(TENT) T:R:E:N:D:S :: AND:: E:N:T:E:R:T:A:I:N:M:E:N:T:

(TENT) T:R:E:N:D:S :: AND:: E:N:T:E:R:T:A:I:N:M:E:N:T:

(TENT) T:R:E:N:D:S :: AND:: E:N:T:E:R:T:A:I:N:M:E:N:T:


TRENDS AND ENTERTAINMENT: SPORT TRENDS: LEICESTER 5000:1 ODDS... Maybe Once in a Lifetime! Congratulation to the Leicester Foxes for winning the Premier League 02MAY2016! Great story, lessons learned, never quit, and strive for the ultimate goal... very hard to gauge the accomplishment, truly amazing!


TRENDS AND ENTERTAINMENT: SPORT TRENDS: THE CURRY EFFECT: The Shake and Bake, The Records, The Records, Other Records, the Game 7,are we Witnessing the single most dominant display of Offensive Ability (clearly not defensive, although leader in steals)? Is the NBA Hotter in 2016 than it has been during the last 15 years, or is Overhype the measuring tape. Is THE CURRY EFFECT Unsustainable for two, three or more years? Basketball has changed in reality: More guys are shooting the quick release, more guys are shooting farther from the line... What more to ask from CURRY? It is very hard to ask more as a fan... certainly the 2016 season, however it ends up for CURRY, it will be recorded and encased in a Platinum Box with a silver lining.


TRENDS AND ENTERTAINMENT: RETURN of THE NUCLEAR AGE: Remember the boom of the Nuclear Age? Well the conflict between nations for nuclear weapons, power and supremacy is reminiscent of the 40's.

TRENDS AND ENTERTAINMENT TRENDS: How to ask for Forgiveness... This time of the year, when time appears to be "closing" ask for forgiveness... call Adele, Hello? are you there? I'm sorry... There are many ways to ask for forgiveness... pick one 2015 is running out... a gift of renovation. could be well translated by Andrea Bocelli...

TRENDS and ENTERTAINMENT TRENDS: PLAYBOY: Nudes seized. on 10-13-2015 R.I.P.

TRENDS AND ENTERTAINMENT 2016: B.vsS. dawning inside the SSSFFF... from illustrations into the diversity of the real superhero. NO SPOILERS HERE! B.vs. S. represents the carnalization of superhero into the ingenuous hero. The diversity of the Justice League represents the needed understanding in an ideologically more united world... ok Now that the Movie is Out let's analyze the ramifications of an expanding Superhero presence in Cinematography... What does it mean to have Superheros in our daily entertainment sphere? Are we prone to believe in Super Powers? Does this belief translate into positive reinforcement during development and during adulthood or is the mental value of belief in superheros toxic to a rational development at all levels? What are the parallels of real life heros and cinematographic superheros?

B.vsS. deals about the corruption of Power and the Emergence of Increased conflict due to the appearance of Superpowers. Is this movie implying that our belief in Superpower will inevitably lead into Superconflict and that that safeguards us from holding Superheros as entertainment figures rather than role models and standards of corageous action and valor?

It is easy to simultaneoueously get carried away in the appeal of superheros and to carnalize them as archetypes and landmarks for human conduct and at the same time it is also easy to hold superheros for their entertainment value solely, so who gets carried away by attributing value to Superheros in society? Do superheros externalize part of our Unconscious desires and are them then in this way "Real", in the sense that Superheros are a true reflection of global homo sapiens unconscious mental desire and reward paths in our brains? In reality humans cannot fly but since early humanity the desire to fly has existed so in this sense it appears that Superheros may present a reflection of the unconscious desires., so what other cinematographic consequences of exploring the uncouscious desires are currently reflected in popular cinema?

The value of cinema is in the reward to the uncouscious reality of humans. The value contains duration, impact, cost and intrinsic reward, time duration, social architecture modification, exerts social pressure, distills emotions from the epoch and of social or generational groups. Cinema is indeed a powerful tool.

SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING TRENDS: ECO ART: Oliver Kellhamer: Since the 1970's Professor Kellhammer has explored the connection between ecology and man made landscapes interplaying art to create remediation, education and ORGANIC TECHNOLOGY.. En mas de una manera Kellhamer expande el sentido de arte para remediar espacios, en una especie de 5ta dimension de lo real. El senor Kellhamer ha estado haciendo estas demontraciones por mas de un tercio de siglo lo que lo hace a el un vanguardista en como implementar soluciones naturales en situaciones dentro del desarrollo urbanizante. Sus descripciones continen una perspectiva contra lo inevitable de la planificacion urbana para restructurar los espacios vacios que son en consequencia de los materiales sinteticos que utilizamos en nuestras infraestructuras y los contraresta con lo sutil y a la vez poderoso de la Fuerza Natural. Acceder a su pagina Oliver Kellhamer es abstraer arte urbano con ingenieria ambiental. Ver su Forest-Model-of-the Universe, Hyperorganisms. Temas: Permaculture, Organic Architecture, Grafting, Neo Eoceno.

SPORT TRENDS: DTX: Power Lifting, Free Weights, Isometrics, Negatives: Complementing Sport with Weight Training.


OUTDOOR TRENDS: EVENTS OF THE 21st CENTURY: In depth look at Climatologic Events soon 2016. EMISSIONS EPA Climate Change Theories and Evidence: VW8billion in Fines...Understanding Impact on General Health. Air Flows. Search Upstream and Downstream in the WIND BAR

CLIMATE CHANGE and CLIMATOLOGICAL EVENTS: So if Climate Change is a disputed idea then to clear the dispute references to recent events may help settle the argument, right? Some people are not convinced about so called Climate Change for the reason that: 1) Climate is Unpredictable, 2) Climate Change is Natural and dominated by Natural Forces, 3) The impact of the human footprint on climate change is small, 4) There is no Conclusive Evidence that the Earth is Heating Up, 5) Climate Cycles are ciclical, so any change might simply go away in the cycle 6) Climate Change is indeed caused by humans but it is part of the intrinsic direction of where planetary human civilizations is leading the evolution of the biosphere and in that sense it should not be mitigated, 7) The Sun and Volcanos have a greater effect than Erosion, Industrial and Fossil fuel sources combined,... etc. So in an impartial way the next list will outline some events that proponents of the idea that Humans are changing climate forcefully, and events that lead to the conclusion that climate change is spontaneous and natural...

Retreating Glaciers vs Reforming Glaciers

2014 Hottest year on Record

2015 Hottest year on Record

2016 Hottest year on Record

Hottest Temperature Recorded in India 126.5F

Historic Flooding in the USA

Sea Level Rise erasing Islands in the Pacific

Record breaking storms in terms of Pressure drop (millibars)

2016 Forest Fires

The 11 year Solar Cycle

Palm Trees in Antarctica

The end of drought in the Western USA (El nino vs. La nina?)



FASHION TRENDS: The Fall season is approaching? Have a cool trend to share with us? info@syntheticforest.net... Hey Pantone... put some color in this site write to us at info@syntheticforest.net ... Pantone Color guide... Marsala? Check out our Food and Wine BLLLOOOOGGGGG



post - retro view of ocurrences, and benchmark remembrance, shifts in how the world has turned and strong mental-chemical synapse bonds LTP. These items populate the long term memory cache of the brain and form part of the group psyche.

"Yo me acuerdo cuando no habia internet" 1990's

"Yo me acuerdo cuando no habia microhondas"

"Yo me acuerdo cuando no habian carros"

"Yo me acuerdo cuando no habia nevera, ni estufa y las planchas eran de carbon"

"Yo me acuerdo cuando no habia luz"

"Yo me acuerdo el Huracan de las Cinsoras de las Guacaras"

"Yo me acuerdo cuando ibamos a los Parties de Verano en la Disco ZXY"

"Yo me acuerdo que para el tiempo del Presidente XZY eso no sucedia"

"Yo me acuerdo que para aquel entonces estabamos esperando a XZY que se tardo XYZ horas en llegar"

"Yo me acuerdo que cuando salio el Iphone XYZ hicimos una fila de XYZ horas"

"Yo me acuerdo donde estaba cuando calleron las Torres Gemelas"

"Yo me acuerdo del Y2K"

"Yo me acuerdo el Home Run de Joe Carter contra los Philis de Philadelphia"

"Yo me acuerdo que lo vi en vivo"

"Yo me acuerdo que cuando fuimos a "Sitio Historico" vimos "Algo bien Significativo"

"Yo me acuerdo diferente a lo que tu te acuerdas"

"Yo ni me acuerdo de lo ultimo que acabas de decir"

"Yo me acuerdo que deje la lista del supermercado en la mesa justo donde deje la cartera y el celular"

"Yo me acuerdo que deje el carro el la fila H1 pero aparecio en la B1 y yo no lo movi"

"Yo me acuerdo aquel tapon que se formo que me tarde 3 horas para llegar, y nadie saco las neveritas"

"Yo me acuerdo que en el avion se me tapaban los oidos y la comida era buena"

"Yo me acuerdo que los carros sonaban super duro y botaban gases que danaban la atmosfera"

"Yo me acuerdo de la fiebre de aquellas YZX"

"Yo me acuerdo que la contaminacion era tanta que ni podia ver el mar desde la costa"

"Yo me acuerdo de aquella bajadita que pasaba por alli que ahora es una recta y tiene un edificio bien alto"

"Yo me acuerdo que los celulares pesaban 5 libras y tener un beepers era igual que tener el cinturon de batman"

"Yo me acuerdo que para ese tiempo habian miles de los carros XZY y ahora no hay ninguno"

"Yo me acuerdo que decian que eso de la contaminacion y el calentamiento era un mega embuste'

"Yo me acuerdo cuando yo pensaba que el numero mas grande era el 10,000 y que despues era el Millon y que despues era infinito"

"Yo me acuerdo que tenia un perrito que sellamaba XZY y se escapo, y nunca lo encontramos"

"Yo me acuerdo que tenia una mata de Orquideas que me la llevaron del Patio"

"Yo me acuerdo cuando fuimos a comer q XZY y XYZ se resbalo en el balcon y se le viro el trago"

"Yo me acuerdo del celular que era tan pequeno que me cabia en el bolsillo de cambio y ahora no me entra en el pantalon:

"Yo me acuerdo de los peajes cuando no tenian vallas"

"Yo me acuerdo cuando lei Martin Fierro y me dormia despues de cada pagina"

"Yo me acuerdo de mi abuela riendose frente a la tele en blanco y negro"

"Yo me acuerdo de los clase de embustes que metia mi abuelo"

"Yo me acuerdo de aquel tio loco que vivia en aquel pueblo"

"Yo me acuerdo del anho ZYX que fue el mas caluroso"

"Yo me acuerdo que el anho YZX fue el mas caluroso"

"Yo me acuerdo que las noticias decian que el cafe hacia dano y al otro dia decian que era bueno"

"Yo me acuerdo que habia que pararse para cambiar la television"

"Yo me acuerdo del monitor en dos tonos y los chat rooms de los primeros dias de Telnet"

"Yo me acuerdo de cuando vi a Terminator"

"Yo me acuerdo que lo tiramos a la piscina con todo y ropa"

"Yo me acuerdo del susto que le metimos y la cara que puso"

"Yo me acuerdo de como se llamaba mi primera cuenta de Hotmail"

"Yo me acuerdo del dia que cerre Facebook"

"Yo me acuerdo cuando anunciaron que habia Vida en Marte"

"Yo me acuerdo que la primera vez que fui al cine costaba XZY"

"Yo me acuerdo de Clear Pepsi"

"Yo me acuerdo del dia que abri Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Linked In, Instagram, Google+, ... ... ..."

"Yo me acuerdo que yo era el mas alto de mi clase y ahora soy el mas bajito"

"Yo me acuerdo que me tumbaron el bulto en la escuela"

"Yo me acuerdo de la pela que me dieron cuando llegue a casa aquel dia tarde"

"Yo me acuerdo que alli vivia XYZ y alli vivia XYZ y alli vivia XYZ y YZY se murio y YZY se fue a los YZZ"

"Yo me acuerdo que siempre habia guerra el Medio Oriente"

"Yo me acuerdo que me colgue en el primer examen de la Universidad, y despues en el segundo peor"

"Yo me acuerdo de aquel profesor que nos colgo a todos"

"Yo me acuerdo llovia tanto que se mojaba uno hasta debajo de los techos"

"Yo me acuerdo de aquella borrachera en la playa"

"Yo me acuerdo cuando se me perdio el carro y pense que me lo habian robado y llame hasta la policia"

"Yo me acuerdo del primer festival de rock de aquellos tiempos"

"Yo me acuerdo que tenia que caminar millas para llegar sin zapatos a la escuela"

"Yo me acuerdo cuando aquel animal por poco nos mata"

"Yo me acuerdo que la vida antes tenia un sentido diferente que ahora"

"Yo me acuerdo que prometieron eliminar el impuesto XYZ y hasta ahora aumentaron el YZX, XYZ y el YXZ"

"Yo me acuerdo que aquellos se robaron hasta los clavos de la cruz"

"Yo me acuerdo que desde que tengo uso de razon eso ha sido lo mismo"

"Yo me acuerdo que habian polos de hielo en el Arctico y en la Antartida"

"Yo me acuerdo cuando decian que el aumento de 2grados no causaria problemas"

"Yo me acuerdo del H1N1, la Fiebre Amarilla, el Virus del Nilo, El chicuncunhna, La fiebre porcina, La fiebre SARS, y la fiebre de la Macarena"

"Yo me acuerdo que veia aquel programa pensando que era para ninos y no lo era"

"Yo me acuerdo que me reia de los chistes en la cuando mis primos se reian aunque no entendia nada de lo que estaban diciendo"

"Yo me acuerdo cuando veia las peliculas del XYZ y parecian reales"

"Yo me acuerdo de XYZ 1, XYZ, 2, XYZ 3, XYZ 4, y que deje de verlas cuando iban por la 9"

"Yo me acuerdo de los 8tracks, cassettes de radio y video, CDs, SolidRAM, Crystall RAM, Fiber Optics, OrganicRAM, InorganicRAM..."

"Yo me acuerdo cuando gaste 100 YZX en una barra por primera vez"

"Yo me acuerdo de aquel juego"

"Yo me acuerdo cuando exploto Krakatoa y yo me acuerdo cuando exploto St Helens"

"Yo me acuerdo que no habia hielo"



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(TENT) T:R:E:N:D:S :: AND:: E:N:T:E:R:T:A:I:N:M:E:N:T:

SPORTS MOVIE TRENDS: Rapture of the Deep: A powerful movie of Extreme Sports No qualms about extreme. Les scrupule à l'extrême. escrúpulos em extrema


HEALTH TRENDS: Diets and Exercise Trends in Health Central.

BIOBAR TRENDS: To cure, to mend, to appease, to calm, to ameliorate, beyond the lores, enter the BIOBAR



Links to Architectural Masterpieces... your next concept here:

Some Structures

Brutalism concrete style



FOOD TRENDS: Shrimp a la SSSFFF: 1 bar of butter, 1 bag of shrimp (aprox 30-40), 2 onions finely superchopped, a half head of garlic finely shopped.; add butter on high heat, add onions first, wait 2 minutes, add shrimps, wait 3 minutes add garlic, wait 0 minutes, add a spoon of wheat powder to specify-espesar la salsa, reduce sauce until visibly thick... mystery ingredient, Alcohol, add wine or heavy rum, 3 tablespoons, finally add any green spices, can be any of your choice fresh. Serves 4-6 over pastas, white rice, layered potatoes, inside a fritter or as tapas. Mixes with Lager beer, Dry white wines, Lemonade (second mistery ingredient: cut the yellow lemon/lime crust, and add while sauce is reducing, this will aid in reducing the butter). Shrimp a la SSSSSFFFFF... Let us know! Send us a pic of your version of this simple recipe. Write to us at info@syntheticforest.net, Hub of Science Culture and Technology.


MOVIE TRENDS: Any suggestions for Netflix? On Netflix? In the RedBox? let us know... info@syntheticforest.net


FASHION TRENDS: EL NINO 2015!!! Now that we are absolutely on El Nino, lets get onboard what will be the El Nino Fashion: T-Shirts with baby faces, light acuarella, coveralls... we'll see... El Nino Southern Oscillations, How to understand the ENSO.


FASHION TRENDS: AUTUM CLOTHING: Is it Fall already? Are we ready to say goodbye to 2015? Is the Trend of SPRING 2016 set? your thoughts at info@syntheticforest.net... Wherever you are, I hope its not raining. SUMMER 2016 is already here. Stripes, patterns, what's next?


MUSIC TRENDS: JAZZ FUNDAMENTS: Where to and how Jazz: the blue note, the flow and the grasp... speed in recovery... or expression... or simply exposition? To one definition. . . Jazz strikes. We'll recommend some classics, and some experiments in Jazz... per instrument... PERCUSSION, WINDS, STRINGS... Soon 2016

MUSIC TRENDS JAZZ FUNDAMENTS: How to develop a taste for Jazzzz and some Experiential reccomendations on how to grow your Jazz electrosonic suite. Yeah we know you like Jazz: here's the next step on getting to the CORE of JAZZ FUNDAMENTS. Avoir quelques pensées?



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MUSIC TRENDS: METAL ELEMENTS: How to understand the evolution of Metal or how to best play a Metal CD. Lamb of God, Slayer, Megadeth, Entombed, Testament, Black Sabbath, Metallica, AC/DC... Why you should not categorize Metal, or How to... Iron Maiden, Dream Theater...Limp Bizkit...

MUSIC TRENDS: GRUNGE: How to understand the evolution of Grunge or where did Alternative go? Live, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Weezer, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, MUSIC TRENDS: 70's Rock: How to understand the evolution of Grunge or where did Alternative go? Primus, Live, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Weezer, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, MUSIC TRENDS 60's, MUSIC TRENDS 50's.

MUSIC TRENDS: Tame Impala, Pink Floyd, Neon Indian, Temples

Lamb of God, Slayer, Megadeth, Entombed, Testament, Black Sabbath, Metallica, AC/DC... Why you should not categorize Metal, or How to... Iron Maiden, Dream Theater...

MOVIE TRENDS: KOREAN CINEMA: SUSPENSE AND ACTION Do yourself a favor... next time you want an action packed film, watch Suspect, I Saw the Devil, Internal Affairs, Confessions of Murder


MOVIE TRENDS: tell no one: Human touch with plot sophistication, great art at a great price. Have you seen this movie? SSSFFF highly recommends this French Movie. Rated. R.

MOVIE TRENDS: The current re-evolution of cinema is a doublegift for the 70's and 80's generation. The ability to recall both circumstances, in the cinema, is like reLove at First/Second Time. There will be a third time.

MOVIE TRENDS: Are we running out of Movie Themes? Is it harder today to be Original?

MOVIE TRENDS: THE SYNTHETIC FOREST MOVIE: Outlines of a movie are on draft... here: concepts are being drawn: From Time Travel to 1800's Techno Noir, concepts here... share your thoughts and join in making the SSSFFF movie... perhaps a series? A documentary?

A couple of scientists or some leaders sit at a table, to have dinner, an informal dinner, wine, cake and a fireplace, and they sit to discuss the route of action to strategize after realizing that the climate equilibrium had indeed been shifted significantly and the ensuing change, hike or drop of temperature and its effects were imminent... they sit around, the clock tics, in the middle of a cabin, several thousand feet above sea level, and it is snowing over darkness outside. Some leaders are sitting, others are standing with wine in the glass, all are listening... and they take turns to reference short presentations on the registered events and alternatives to manage the next years... the meeting is not a debate, some looks are sombre, and others looks are indiferent, but the pressure is palpable. Topics wane from war to economic collapse, to mass migrations, to a decade moratorium, to doing nothing and weathering the storm with human ingenuity and fortitude. The view changes... a generation has passed... and the climate has indeed changed... leaders are again in this wood cabin and they look outside the window... what ensues is a dramatization of the leaders as part of a neighborhood, as part of a family where it shows how each country adapted to the current events... two more generations pass... again the same meeting... plausible scenarios of recovery and doom unfold over a timeline of six generations... a tale about decisions and how they impact both civilization and the ecosystem balance, and about human ingenuity in controlling forces much greater than self. Life is indeed a fragile balance and the limits of climate are currently being tested... is there a stop to the test? Is there a silent observer with a stop button? When can conclusions be drawn? What are some of the learnings, or is there a human condition to decay in 50/50 propositions of truth?

Documentary: Terraforming Mars: Strategies and the current state of the Martian Atmosphere... a 'reality show' of Martians (astronauts).

The 10000 Gorilla in the Room: A future view of Stem Cell Therapy, posibilities and the rise of SuperHumans. A true conception of therapies, enhancement, and exploring the limits to the human condition in the end of the 21st century, narrated by Darwin.

A good idea for the movie would be based on a time travel machine factory where every person can buy one and travel to their desired past and explore the many options of the universe but they would only have limited time to explore the time/space disturbance and after a couple of hours, like cinderella, the reality would push them to their 'point of present' and time a fractin of time would only have been consumed. This is plausible in the concept drawing as the time machine channels invisible gravitational waves that harnes more energy than hundreds of suns, like a tensor from infinity and channeling this field like an infinite rubber band would allow for local time displacement.... then the science fiction of controlling that disturbance would allow for time travel and answer the complex questions that trouble some humans. The twist arises when the main characters find that the past was unpredictable, that actually their past had been tilted by the same effect of the disturbance and a chaotic consequence resulted in allowing their persona to exist in an entirely different family or role in society resulting in complete mental disturbances and installation of the time astronauts in a secret mental facility only to realize that someone had invented a time machine that uses mental waves to project the disturbance and was using mentally ill patients to explore the re-effects of time travel. When terminally ill cancer patients get miraculously healed they are kept in the mental facility until a future traveler returs to the past to free them. After a neighboring country finds out of the secret project a secret mission is plotted to steal information, patients, and scientist and destroy the facility to prevent supertitious dogmatic dictators that the machine could be used for mass destruction. The neighboring faction steals several scientists and tortures them to steal information. In their methods of torture it is revealed that their recollections of time travel are self dilusions that have mysteriously been contagiated through social interaction and that information had been inserted into their minds subconsiously without their knowledge resulting in the discovery of extraneuronal information storage and more secret missions to monitor the time travel experiment facility. After failing to control the spread of time travel misuse the future traveler returns to the future and contacts civilizations from nearby stars to intervene in the situation. After a series of wars and classified experimentantion results on non-neuronal memory storage including aural imaging, telepathy, paramagnetic channeling, and self genetic reorganization, a series of cataclysm are announced by an electromagnetic message that intercepts most of the global communications. The ensuing global chaos and misalignment results in the obliteration of several countries that ignored the message and global populations are reduced significantly after three massive tsunamis devastated coastlines and sunk several regions under sea level. Future travellers to the past had attempted several missions to prevent the large loss of life but were unable to impart their knowledge through communications, publications or other non violent means so the future council had lost the ability to harness the gravitational tensor generated. The tensor resulted in the passing of several comets far from earth... but during their approach near Mars the comet ejected a large mass into vacuum and was deformed shifting the trajectory and grazing the surface of the ocean with no impact. Future council elders were punished by sending them into farther galaxies into more complicated time travel conundrums ... some voluntarily comitted suicide to accept their responsibility and inability at improving global life. During the escalation of events results in a momentary visit of extraterrestrial life forms to hundreds of cities on the plante but humans are unable to convince the travelers to stay longer. The travelers state their purpose and leave after 8 days of limited impartment of information and with a clear message to the inhabitants that their actions had resulted in a far reaching cosmic event. Global citizens attempt to follow an international plan and moratorium to prevent the blodshed resulting from the wars and cataclisms. A plan is made to expand life into space and settle new planets but the unconcerned and incredulous fraction of citizens form a coalition and push for total global anihilation. Efforts to quench bloodthirst were put in place and after a heavy loss of life the majority of citizens renounced their sense of incredulity while still owning vengeance for their lost loved ones. This renewes hidden programs of time travel that are unsuccessful at gaining any vengeance or affecting the resulting fate of the planet. Archeologists find evidence of previous extraterrestrial visitors and this helps calm war after the discoveries are found on several continents. After several generations of peace extraterrestrials contact earth again and outline strategies to help humans expand their exploration of their domain but the technology harnesses forces that humans are unable to control. After many generations of exploring the scientific findings the status of global scientific development erases illness and promotes greater undertanding of the local universe without opening the doors to extrasolar exploration. Time travel is a reality of our global sphere. Some countries progress more than others and are able to move towards greater scientific and cultural trends wheras other countries are stuck in social and environmental poverty, vand live unbeknownst at reduced potentials in terms of quality of life. Some countries do not have access to potable water and are vulnerable to viral and bacterial illnesses that other countries have erradicated many years ago. The general results of quality of life may be or not extrapolated to the social, technological and cultural decisions of both individuals, governenments and external time traveler of this sphere. Whether the acceptance of moral standards is limited by geographical, ethnical or racial delimitations the establishment of sovereignty reduces the ablity of some countries to 'help' others in achieving economical and social success. Whether 'help' is envisioned with intent or not it is partly metabolic processing that drives the results of the interactions between nations. The reduction of metabolic processing or the acceptance of 'help' or the reduced reluctance of inferiority may aid the reduction of differences between countries and advance agreed structures for a wider concept than the limitations of cultural self identification. Sometimes what is good for an individual is not what is good for a country. Sometimes countries do not have their sights on individuals or in the totality of individuals, simply on the structure of government as an individual and in that sense institutions function independent of their constituents. This opens the description of semi-democracies vs totalitarian regimes vs absolute democracies, and further classification reduces the impact of individuals constituting the basis of a sociopolitical society this only taken if there is empathy or consideration by the leaders of countries to all their citizens. The interference of citizens on the time travel experiment results in several MacroMicro scopical results in large parts of the population inducing chaotic effects that were immediately corrected. The fundamental plot may be twisted to accomodate tones of realism within science themes of fiction. The possibility of exploring the unknown physical laws of the Universe expand the main plot into a realistic twist of documenting the most plausible theories of human behavior that may be demonstrated in the future as laws. Just like Newton demonstrated mathematically that gravity affects all bodies due to mass there may be probable mathematically certain phenomena that may be demostrated like karma, telepathy, past lives, ethereal beings and other presently and dubitatively imaginative. Al presente existe una manta de pensamiento que nos arropa y es que se piensa que ya todo lo que se ha podido inventar o la mayoria de esto ya ha sido inventada o de otro modo que los avanzes presentes no podran ser eclipsados facilmente con nuevas tecnologias que revoluciones las interacciones fundamentales de los seres humanos.

MUSIC TRENDS: Music is an exploration of the infinite breadth and capability of our senses. Music is an expression of self in time-space. An echo stemming from within to fill an immediate or even permanent existential void in a group, in a self, as a heal, as tool for advancement, as an ethereal force that synchronizes the brain into excited energy levels. Music is history blown away by air but resides in your heart permanently. Music is the inoccuous way we share our differences and the way we annoy our neighbors who annoy us, and maybe the only way neighbors can ever mend.Music can change a generation, can hypnotize an entire civilization, can bring down walls, open gates, and end wars. In many ways music is fundamental to our existence. Most, not all, The frequencies that humans deem pleasurable, are synched in our DNA to interact with our inner staple, malleus, incus, and drum, harmonically interacting with neurons that cascade a reaction to our entire body, most involuntarily.

MUSIC TRENDS ELECTRONICA: https://warp.net/ ; Aphex Twin, Autechre; Brian Eno, www.thecreatorsproject.com; Amon Tobin; Trentemollier, Lacunae ; Quinoline Yellow (Spion Kop), Secret Frequency Crew, Venetian Snares (fPhD f=future)

MUSIC TRENDS ELECTRONICA: PUSHING INNOVATION: Venetian Snares. track after track after track track tracking tracks...

MUSIC TRENDS: Julia Holter: Like listening Gustavo Cerati in a cloud of Helium. Julia's serene tone will calm your chemical balance to release your inertia until inert. If you are into ambient music with a voice then Julia Holter will amaze you. She sings to your ear, close and almost quietly. She creeps slowly into your consciousness until you no longer resist relaxation. Love to see her live with a bottle of wine.

MUSIC TRENDS: Music and Productivity: Que efectos tiene la musica sobre los individuos y sus labores tareas y responsabilidades? Bajo que contextos la musica puede ser detrimental para la productividad? Puede haber alguna musica que baje la productividad de individuos independiente de sus gustos musicales? Existen frequencias que interaccionen con la psiquis pero mas con el nivel fisico y molecular humano? Hay evidencia que algunas plantas reciben proteccion bajo ciertas frequencias que repelen plagas y que de alguna manera llegan a afectar el crecimiento directamente. Para llegar a disenhar espacios de productividad y recreacion hay que explorar mas acerca del tema. Es claro que la musica modifica habitos, altera percepcion, crea ambiente, relaja y tambien excita. Como podemos cientificamente ingeniar espacios para beneficiarnos de esto. Esto es complicado, tan complicado como el la complejidad de necesidades y gustos de los seres humanos. Si fuera placentero escuchar la misma musica durante meses ya hubieramos notado esto en nosotros, pero somos los humanos mas complicados y necesitamos diversidad de tono y ritmo. Seran las plantas igual? Que efecto tiene el ritmo y frequencia en el oceano. Debe haber algo analogo a musica en el oceano. En la tierra son los sonidos de los pajaros, el viento, la lluvia, las hojas de los arboles y las voces del diario. Hay musica en nuestro entorno todo el tiempo. Dentro del SSFF exploraremos como la musica se adentra en los espacios para mejorar nuestra experiencia de vida. Share your thoughts, opinion or studies with us.

MUSIC TRENDS: ELECTRONICA: Apparat: Duplex: 2003: multifunktionsebene: Chilled, mellow, harmonious, trance like dance, something to be listened on your way to Mars. Say one last goodbye to Earth and watch how the view and the memories fade over Apparat.
MUSIC TRENDS: Autechre, Aphex Twin, Kelpe (Whrilwound): Who were the best innovators of Experimental? Who set standards? Autechre, Aphex Twin, Loess, ... others... Ambient: Trentemollier, Boards of Canada, Loess, ... Sundae Pitch by Populous
MUSIC TRENDS: Electronic Dance Music: EDM: Who cares how you call it?

MUSIC TRENDS: SALSA: Salsa's history is divided into decades: 30s, 40s, 50s 60s 70s, 80s... then salsa opened up and has a less defined style per exponents of the decade. To explore the many fundamental exponents of the genre no one really needs to understand where Salsa came from. If you need to learn a bit of history to enjoy dancing then hit: http://www.arecibo.inter.edu/biblioteca/pdf/salsa.pdf; Imitation was likely the way salsa spread. Note that the many AfroCaribbean rhythms like bomba, plena, guaguanco,

Salsa has open doors and an open template for creativity. If you dance Salsa you'll have fun anywhere in the world. Ok, so now go to the store and get your first salsa CD. Ismael Rivera, El Gran Combo, Tito Puente, Fania All Stars... you can't miss.... Larry Harlow, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Ruben Blades. You'll find in salsa aspects of BigBand, Jazz, Cha-Cha-Cha, Montuno, Guaguanco, and many others. Currently Salsa is seeking new champions as the major exponents of salsa have passed away or are nearing their golden age. Most street salsa bands play the exitos of latter years. Do you now any up and coming players, let us know. From Guadeloupe: Indestwas Ka: an AffroCaribbean Rhythm group, cool vibe, great voices.

Are you looking for the best Salsa festivals: Congreso Nacional de la Salsa, 3rd week of June, yearly.

FOOD TRENDS: En cuantos pedazos puedes partir un bizcocho de chocolate?

MUSIC TRENDS: African Rhythms: exploring the derivations of what are commonly thought of emanated African Rhythms. It is interesting how the percussion evolved pervasive in culture... here an elaboration of African Rhythms... 2016

FASHION: Clothing: how to talk to your seamstress: Height, Neck, Chest, Bust, Waist, Mid Section, Hips, Inseam, Sleeve, Trunk, Cap Size, Hat Size, Front and Back Rises, Across Shoulder Width, Upper Arm, Biceps, Forearm, Wrist, Thigh, Knee, Calf, Outseam, Over Arm.

(TENT) T:R:E:N:D:S :: AND:: E:N:T:E:R:T:A:I:N:M:E:N:T:

(TENT) T:R:E:N:D:S :: AND:: E:N:T:E:R:T:A:I:N:M:E:N:T:

(TENT) T:R:E:N:D:S :: AND:: E:N:T:E:R:T:A:I:N:M:E:N:T:



TRENDS ON PHOTOGRAPHY: http://www.photowink.com/, Natural light, Backlighting, Artificial Lighting, Tilt Lens, Low Light focusing, Tips and Tricks on zooming, Glamour, Headshot, Portrait, Fstop, Excellent site on фотография.

TRENDS ON PHOTOGRAPHY: TIPS: Tips about Photography: Lenses and Light. Equipment and Equations.

Exposure is technically a function of aperture and shutter speed: the two physical parameters that control light entry into the light sensor. Exposure the exposure value is described in the equation : EV = log(base2) N^2/t, where N is the Aperture and t is the exposure time (shutter speed). Some equations add the additional term log(base2)(ISO/100), here ISO is simply the sensitivity of your camera light sensor, the higher the ISO the best the camera sees in low light. The ISO term is sometimes added or substracted introducing some cause for debate. Usually in normal daylight you would use ISO 100-200.

Trick: If you have a 250mm lens you should shoot at speeds that are above 1/250 s, so you would shoot at 1/500, 1/1000 etc.

DSLR: What you see is what you get.

Eye vs. Camera. Your eye is about 25cm in diameter. Light passes through the cornea, then through an aperture called pupil that is open or closed by a muscle called iris. Then light hits the retina which is your light sensor. In a camera the 25cm you see in the physical world are reproduced by a 30-50mm lens. Anything larger than 50mm will zoom in the physical world

Focal Length: The human eye focal length is about 20mm. The focal length is the distance between the lens and the retina, which for an eye of 25cm is less than 25cm. Some values of focal legth range from 17-22cm.

So a Focal Length of is 28-50mm normal. Then a 70-1700mm is considered a Telephoto lens. As focal length increases so does background compression: the background becomes blurry, so the subject, has more relief (relieve). Telephoto lenses are good for focusing on a specific portion of the view field. Telephoto lenses are also called Macro lenses. At 150-200mm the Macro lens can get good images of small objects from a distance, like good pictures of flowers and insects. At 100mm the view can close-up but not perturb the subjects the background objects are brought closer in appearace, so they might appear closer than they are in reality.

A lens with 15-30mm wide angle lens produces a rounded distortion, sometimes called fisheye. The view covers a very wide field at a cost of focusing distance.

Aperture: Often refered to as the f number. Aperture is described in your lens as a ratio of 1/mininimum Aperture (1/f): Example: I have a lens that reads 70-300mm, 1:4-5.6, so the Aperture at 70mm is 4 and at 300mm is 5.6. The lower the Aperture the more light gets in the sensor. Physically the Aperture in your eye is the pupil and is controlled by the Iris.. At lower aperture values (4) more light enters the camera than at 5.6. High end lenses (2.8)have a fixed aperture value.

Filter size. Crossed zero.

Focusing: More soon! IF: internal focusing

Megapixel Talk: For regular web uploading you only need 1 Megapixel because your computer monitor is about 1000 x 1000 pixels = 1,000,000. You would want to increase the megapixels if you'd like to increase image size for 6x4" prints. For larger prints 11x14" you need about 7 Mpixl. So generally pixel increase allow you too crop a final image but it will say nothing about the clarity, focusing and artistry you may achieve with your camera.

Autofocus: Af/M

Prime Lenses: Sharp. 1 focal length, sharp images. Wide apertures for good low light performance.


http://hypertextbook.com/facts/2002/JuliaKhutoretskaya.shtml; http://www.gizmag.com/camera-lens-buying-guide/29141/


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(TENT) T:R:E:N:D:S :: AND:: E:N:T:E:R:T:A:I:N:M:E:N:T:

(TENT) T:R:E:N:D:S :: AND:: E:N:T:E:R:T:A:I:N:M:E:N:T:


100 Things to see in your Life

100) A Magic Trick

99) A Famous Person you admire

98) Aphex Predators in the Wild

97) A Magnet

96) The Full Moon below the Horizon

95) Living Things under a Microscope

94) A good movie in the cinema you knew nothing about

93) Northern Lights

94) A No Hitter or Perfect Game

93) Infrared Light

92) A Dream

91) Punctillism

90) A Forest

89) Lithography

88) Magnetic Lines

87) Ferromagnetism

86) Cubism

85) A Glacier

84) Glacier Erosion Lines far from the Glacier

83) Snow

82) Hail

81) A Robot

80) Plasma

79) A Particle Accelerator

78) A Solar Eclipse

77) Coherent Light

76) A Waterfall

75) A Hologram

74) A City you Admire

73) Fosforescent Bay

72) Life Underwater

71) Lightning Streamer

70) Fermentation

69) Plant Growth

68) A Skeleton

67) Meteor Shower

66) A Comet

66) A Double Rainbow

65) A Winning Lottery Ticket

64) A Fireworks Show

63) The Championship Game of your Favorite Sport Live

62) A Jet Breaking the Sound barrier

61) A Human Breaking the Sound Barrier

60) A Space Launch

59) A Space Landing

50) Cirque du Soleil

49) Molten Metal

44) Solar Eclipse

43) Virtual Reality

42) The President of the United States of America

41) A New Car

40) Cavitation

39) A Desert

38) A Dessert

37) Sound

36) Isolation of Electric/Magnetic Field

35) Anomalies in the Geographical Record

34) 3D Modeling of DNA operation and Protein Folding

33) Representations of Higher Dimensions

32) Blue Lava

31) Deep Sea Life

30) X Rays

29) The Open Ocean

28) A Black Hole

27) MRI showing Remission




23) Aurora Borealis

22) Convective Clouds

21) Someone Opening a Gift you give

20) Something you thought Impossible

19) The expression of someone you help



16) A Live Volcano

15) A Tuning Fork


13)A Distillation Column

12) A Grand Piano

11) A Microscope

10) Unexplained Meteorological Phenomena

9) A Recovery of Someone Ill

8) Discovery


6) A Cure

5) Time Dilation


3) Birth

2) A dream come true


The Infinite Movie List:

Artificial Intelligence

National Lampoons



The Wolf of Wall Street

The Frozen Addict

The Ghost in the Machine



Citizen Kane

Last Tango in Paris




The Iceman

The Elephant Man

Dallas Buyers Club

Hannah Arrendt

Taxi Driver

Groundhog Day

Blade Runner

The Machinist


Terminator saga



Big Trouble in Little China

The Karate Kid

Fist of Fury


Ip Man

The Grand Master

The Watch


Jurasic Park


Forrest Gump



28 Days Later

The Abyss

The Matrix

Total Recall

Total Recall




The Lazarus Effect

2001 A Space Odyssey


Event Horizon

Raiders of the Lost Arc

Saving Private Ryan



Gangs of New York

Sherlock Holmes



Internal Affairs

Being John Malkovich

Tell No One

Deep Blue Sea


The Graduate

The Mission

The China Syndrome

The Shawshank Redemption

The Lord of the Rings

The Green Mile

The Departed

The Mission

The X Files





Grand Torino





Event Horizon

Mad Max saga

The Shining

The Sixth Sense

The Ring



Kill Bill saga

Croushing Tiger Hidden Dragon

Inglorious Basterds


The A-Team



Major League

For the Love of The Game

The Water Boy

Happy Gilmore

Dumb and Dumber


Remember the Titans

Primal Fear


One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest

The Shining

El Laberinto del Fauno

Room 312

Mississippi Burning


Police Academy

Star Wars

Star Trek

Guardians of The Galaxy

Clockwork Orange

Artificial Intelligence

City of God

Whale Rider

Taxi Driver

The Godfather

The Bourne saga



12 Monkeys


I Saw the Devil


Batman vs Superman

Battle Royale



Pirates of the Caribbean

X Men saga

Batman Trilogy



Pacific Rim

Jurassic Park

There Will be Blood


Abre Tus Ojos

Black Swan

Cloud Atlas

El Laberinto del Fauno

Casi Casi

Pacific Rim

2001 A Space Odyssey

Zeorimer of The Heavens


The Revenant



Total Recall

Fight Club

Truman Show

Planet of the Apes

Jurasic World

Artificial Intelligence

Slumdog Millionaire



(TENT) T:R:E:N:D:S :: AND:: E:N:T:E:R:T:A:I:N:M:E:N:T:

(TENT) T:R:E:N:D:S :: AND:: E:N:T:E:R:T:A:I:N:M:E:N:T:

(TENT) T:R:E:N:D:S :: AND:: E:N:T:E:R:T:A:I:N:M:E:N:T: